Why Russia

Arts exchange

Arts and education is another important stream of activities and Russian Link organise reciprocal exchange of performing groups in dance and music, supporting diversity and multiculturalism to recognise similarities between cultures and strengthen ties between Australia and Russia. 

Regional strength

While Moscow and St Petersburg dominate as major trading destinations for Australian businesses, Russia's regions are promising new markets, particularly those with robust industrial development and/or natural resources wealth. 

Russian Link has established connections in these areas of Russia and is pleased to assist Australian businesses create new opportunities beyond the major urban centres. 

In detail

Urals and West Siberia have an increasing number of commercial, residential, finance, manufacturing and hospitality facilities have been opened in regional cities. It is the leading market for meats and dairy products consumption; also it trades strongly in clothing, footwear, accessories and consumer goods. 

In comparison to service-oriented Russia's capital cities, Urals and West Siberia are particular rich in natural resources, military & defence products, steel manufacturing, chemical and engineering and requiring further development and improvement of the existing infrastructure, health & safety & project management innovations.


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